I’ve never been one of those cliche “new year new me.” I focus on being healthy and excercise throughout the whole year. This year is a big year for family events as well as my sister’s beach wedding next year (wahh!) so in my house we really are kicking it up a notch, we are cutting our once a week takeaways way down and focusing more on what’s good for us.

I am armed with a new toy – my nutribullet. This amazing blender has helped us incorporate more veg into our life, a green juice is slowly becoming a staple in our everyday diet. The nutribullet breaks down all fruit and veg and pulverisers it to make smooth juices and smoothies. The most common trap people fall into is only putting fruit in their smoothies, this created a tasty sugary drink that is high in fat. Your smoothie/juice should be 70% veg and 30% fruit. Spinach is a favourite addition of mine, I like to call it “tasteless goodness” as it’s so full of iron yet doesn’t impact the taste in any way. Avocado is another favourite smoothie addition, it creates a totally creamy texture and makes it feel naughty, an avocado does contain fat but it’s monounsaturated fats and they are also full of vitamin B, C and potassium.

I have also started investigating Hiit workouts and different ways of working my body to tone up. The way I fuel my body after a workout has also changed dramatically , I now eat my carbs and protein after my workouts to refuel my muscle.

After my over indulgence over the Christmas period, I just needed to get back to my healthy eating and already I have so much more energy and I just feel good about myself.

I can’t wait to share some more healthy recipes with you all and help to keep fit and healthy.


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