Beef Teriyaki and Sesame

imageQuick and easy. Perfect for straight after a workout!


250g lean quick cook beef

1 red chilli


baby corn

red onion

spring onion


chunk of ginger

tablespoon teriyaki sauce

sesame seeds

half a lime

teaspoon coconut oil

3 nests wholegrain noodles


Add your coconut oil to a wok and add your chilli, ginger and red onion. Let them soften and add your beef. Brown the beef for around 3/4 minutes and add the remaining chopped vegetables.

Cook through on a medium heat.

Meanwhile add your noodles to boiling water for 3-4 minutes. I use 3 noodle nests for 2 people but you can alter this to preference.

Add your teriyaki sauce to the wok and mix through, sprinkle your sesame seeds over to help them stick to the sauce.

Finally squeeze half juice of lime into the wok, mix and serve.



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